An Algorithm For Protein Hinge Prediction Using Elastic Network Models
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Requirements: You need to have Java installed on your machine for JMOL (e.g. Java from Oracle Corporation). You also need to give necessary permissions for this site from Java Control Panel (more info). This requires a browser with java applet support such as Internet Explorer or Safari. Unfortunately, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox do not support java applets anymore. If you are uploading a pdb file, make sure that the name of the file does not have any special characters (e.g. symbols or spaces).

Reference: Emekli U, Schneidman-Duhovny D, Wolfson HJ, Nussinov R, Haliloglu T. (2008) HingeProt: Automated Prediction of Hinges in Protein Structures. Proteins, 70(4):1219-27.

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